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Become a host and let your property earn you more than just compliments!

One Step Solution

One platform to rule it all!

Manage your earnings, schedule, and receive bookings from the biggest tour providers - all on the KosherBnb host platform

Kosher Property Options

Strictly Kosher: Exclusively for Frum individuals. Hosts can screen guests based on observance and mutual trust. Can be Koshered: Can be koshered for an extra fee by a certified mashgiach.

Sync Calendar Features

You can easily import and export iCals and also block manually desired dated to prevent double bookings. View all reservations from one centralized calendar.

Price it right

Set rates for weekdays, weekends, holidays, and special events. Enjoy the flexibility of minimum stays per period, making it a breeze to optimize revenue.

Stay Connected, Never Miss a Booking!

Download thekosherbnb app on your phone. Choose between instant booking or review each request. Receive SMS and/or email notifications for inquiries, leads, and/or instant bookings.

Interactive Kosher Map

Conveniently showcasing nearby Shuls, Kosher restaurants, and mikvahs around your property. Guests can make informed decisions and justify prices based on the prime Jewish location.

Sharing is Caring!

Guests can now share with whatsapp, sms, linkedin, X and facebook their favorite properties with groups and family members, making the booking decision faster and gives your property free exposure too!

How do I start?


You can count on us we are here to help!

The process is self-explanatory but if you need help setting up your account, please text or WhatsApp 305-333-5200 we will schedule a zoom meeting to help you go through the process.

The Kosher BNB has a messaging system for easy communication with guests. You can ask and answer questions directly through our platform. You'll be notified via email and SMS when you receive a booking request. You can then accept or decline the request based on your availability and criteria.

Yes, with TheKosherBnB, Guests are aware that hosts can ask them personal questions to ensure the kosher house rules will be respected. You will be able to communicate with them before accepting a booking. You can also choose “review each request” instead of “instant booking”.

Listing your property and becoming a host is free. We only charge a 10% charge for each confirmed booking. This fee supports the platform's ongoing operations, marketing efforts, and ensures a secure and trustworthy environment for both hosts and guests. Please note that attempting to confirm bookings outside of the platform is considered a violation of trust and may result in removal from the platform. Your cooperation helps sustain and grow this platform for mutual benefit.

Guests pay for their reservations through The Kosher BNB, and hosts receive their payouts directly to their chosen payout method at the check in process.